Midtowne Spas are clubs that cater to the gay and bisexual community. Open 24 hours, 7 days a week. We provide a social environment, where gay and bisexual men can meet and enjoy each other's company, “A Safe Place For Men To Play Safely”. We offer private rooms or personal lockers for our guests. Each club is unique, amenities such as swimming pools, whirlpools, steam rooms, saunas, workout equipment and more vary from club to club check the individual clubs home page for what is offered.

Our Goal
To create and provide an environment that exceeds our guest’s expectations. To provide a safe, clean, and fun place where men can meet and enjoy each other's company. “A Safe Place For Men To Play Safely”.

Visit our "Safer Sex" page by selecting a location below and learn how to get an HIV/STD test, and sign up for your confidential HIV/STD test reminder.

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Midtowne Spa, Denver

Melrose Spa, Hollywood

Midtowne Spa, Los Angeles

1350 Club, Wilmington CA

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LOW PRICES, PLENTY OF HOT MEN - Don't forget every

MONDAYS @ Melrose Spa, ALL REGULAR ROOMS are just $14.00 for 8 hours.

TUESDAYS @ Midtowne Spa L.A., ALL REGULAR ROOMS are just $15.50 for 6 hours.

WEDNESDAYS @1350 Club, ALL REGULAR ROOMS are just $15.00 for 6 hours.

WEDNESDAYS @ Midtowne Spa Denver, ALL REGULAR ROOMS are just $13.00 for 6 hours.

FREE CLUB TOUR - Every Saturday at 12 noon.  No Reservation necessary just stop by the club and say “I am here for my free tour”. Free tours are only available for New Customers.
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MIDTOWNE SPA LOS ANGELES - Our Hot Porn Star J/O Party Thursday 10/30 @ 8PM will feature DANTE MARTIN!

MELROSE SPA, HOLLYWOOD - Our Hot Strip Show on Thursday 10/30 @ 8PM will feature CITY BOY!

MIDTOWNE SPA, DENVER - Our J/O Party Thursday 07/20 @ 9PM will feature MASK JACKER!

MIDTOWNE SPA Los Angeles - Sizzling Hot Strip Party on Sunday 11/02 @ 3PM will feature VICTOR DANIEL.

1350 CLUB, Wilmington - Our Sizzling Hot Strip Show Sunday 11/02 @ 3PM will feature JC WILSON!

MELROSE SPA, HOLLYWOOD - Our Sizzling Hot Strip Party Sunday 11/02 @ 3PM will feature ALEX KIM!

MIDTOWNE SPA DENVER - Our J/O Party Sunday 11/02 @ 4PM will feature ZAC PIERCE! Food & Drink Served after the show. 

MIDTOWNE SPA - Los Angeles - Our Hot Monday Stripper on 11/03 @ 8PM, will be MONDO!

1350 CLUB, WILMINGTON - Our Tuesday Shower Show on Tuesday 11/04 will feature ROGUE @ 8PM.

MIDTOWNE SPA Los Angeles presents - URBAN Night - Wednesday November 12th, 4PM to Midnight. Hot Urban Men, Hiphop and R&B music. Hot Strippper @ 8PM.
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18 - 25Y.O. You can get a Locker for $5 or a Room for $10 ANYTIME @ 1350 CLUB or MELROSE SPA (California residents only).

MIDTOWNE SPA, LOS ANGELES - Our Hot Urban Night Strip Party Wednesday 11/12 @ 8PM will feature SLASH XXX!

MIDTOWNE SPA - DENVER  MASK PARTY - Get lost in a world of Pleasure, Anonymity & Intrigue! No one can see your FACE & you can't see Theirs! MASKS WILL BE PROVIDED! Friday October 31st from 9PM.
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Melrose Spa, HollywoodPOST HALLOWEEN MASK PARTY, November 1st, 9PM to 2AM. Welcome to a world of ANONYMITY.
Join BIG BOYS @ THE BATHS, the 1ST & 3rd Wednesday of the Month @ Midtowne Spa Los Angeles, the 2nd Sunday of the Month @ Melrose Spa Hollywood, the 2nd Tuesday of the month @ Midtowne Spa Denver and the 3rd Sunday of the month @ 1350 Club.
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ASIAN NIGHT - Every Monday Night @ 1350 CLUB in Wilmington & Every Wednesday Night @ Melrose Spa in Hollywood.
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Join FRONT RANGE BEARS for Bear Hug the 3rd Tuesday of the month @ Midtowne Spa Denver. Click Here
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